Many times, when we are travelling, we become impatient if the waiting time in the airport or in the bus station becomes too long. We become frustrated and cannot wait to get to the destination. For me, I want to enjoy the entire journey. Be it travelling to the airport, waiting at the airport, inside the plane, getting out of the plane and all the not-so-interesing parts of travelling. The destination is not so important, as long as I enjoy the journey. It is the same for life. There is a saying, “Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey.” I fully agree with it.

Take a moment to think about the things that you do everyday. Do you want to rush through it just so that it is “completed”. Or you spend your time enjoying the moment when you are working on it. In Buddhism, there is a saying “you can become enlightened by just sweeping the floor.” In yogic practice, it is called the “Nishchala Tattvam”, which means creating an unwavering intention in whatever you are doing at that particular moment.

For me, I want to go to bed now and sleep with unwavering intention of having a good sleep. Good night. 😉

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