7 Steps to Manifest

7 Steps of Law of Manifestation

  1. You need to calm down your mind. You can do so by deep breathing and also by doing meditation. If you want to send signal to the universe, you cannot send too many signals at once. For Law of Attraction or Law of Manifestation to work, your mind cannot be too messy. That’s why the first step is always to clear the clutter inside your mind.
  2. Once you have calmed down your mind, you need to think about what you want. That is you need to set your intention. Visualize that you are having the results of the intention now. You have already achieved the outcome. Make the visualization as vivid as possible.
  3. The next step is to feel the feelings of having the things that you want now. Imagine you are already having it. How do you feel? Guide your feelings towards love, gratitude, joy, excitement and bliss. These are the emotions of higher frequency which are much more powerful to attract what you want.
  4. Amplify the emotions of all the feelings you are feeling now. The stronger the emotions, the stronger the signals that you can send to the universe.
  5. Now, this is a counter intuitive part. You need to let go of the outcome. You need to detach from the emotions of looking forward towards achieving the outcome of your intention. Throughout the day, do not think about the outcome. Do not worry whether you will be able to get it or not. Have faith in the universe and let it do his job.
  6. Once you have detached, live fully at the PRESENT moment. Focus on the people, the work and the events which are in front of you now. Enjoy the present moment. Guide your feelings to the same emotions of love, gratitude, joy, bliss and excitement.
  7. Now, pay attention to the signals of the manifestation. It can come through a “delivery boy”. For example, if you want to attract job opportunity, pay attention to your emails, text messages and phone calls from anyone. He or she can be the one who “deliver” the opportunity to you. Receive the Manifestation with open heart.