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About Dave Chong

Dave Chong, named one of the best Leaders in IQI Global, a global leading Real Estate company, has spent nearly 10 years working with an extensive number of Real Estate consultants in Malaysia, whose lives have been transformed via personal development and financial successes.

As a hands-on trainers to his teams, Dave uses Multi-million Dollars Sales Cycle System to help his team to develop a habit to systematically conduct daily sales activities, resolve mental blocks, and unlock their capacity for abundance. In his works, he focuses on many aspects of personal development, which include selling skills, technical skills, mental training, understanding of property investment, financial products investment, many other knowledge based skill sets — which lead to financial successes and fulfillment of lives.

Dave also has hands-on personal experience in property development and business building. He currently leads a team of 800 members in IQI which has secured more than RM1bil worth of properties portfolio. His team has been the champion in IQI for 5 consecutive years since 2015.

Dave’s philosophy in team building is Work Hard, Play Hard and Live Life to the Fullest through Personal Development and Financial Success.

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